The Italian Job

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London: Remove damage: Drive to the junkyard and find the red car located near the entrance. Race that car around the junk yard to remove the damage from your vehicle. Note: The bus is recommended.
Turin: Hidden job: Drive to the roundabout and take the first right. Drive forward to reach the parking lot. Hit all the cones to get a job offer. Follow the on-screen arrows to get the job. Note: The police car is recommended.
Unlock a Super Mini: If you do the secret mission in Turin and successfully complete it you will unlock a super Mini. It can not be damaged and has the highest speed in the game.
Lamborghini Miura: Successfully complete the game to unlock the Lamborghini Miura in free ride mode.
Taunt the police: Unlock the police car by doing the first few missions (on any difficulty), then go to free ride and select the police car. Now you can do what ever you like in front of the police and not get chased

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