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On the main menu, type:
You will now have access to several cheat options.
You can now enter one of the passwords below to enable the effect you require..

Password .... Effect
FLATBROKE .... Turns off shading
FLYMETOTHEMOON .... Racing on the moon
GOURAUD .... Turns on gouraud shading
HAVEALL .... All items
INFINITELIVES .... Infinite lives
INFINITEWEAPONS .... Infinite weapons
MASTEROFTHEUNIVERSE .... Toggles textures
OLDMACDONALD .... Protect farm from jumping cows
SOLIDASAROCK .... Invincibility
SUPERDAISY .... One shot kills
WHATSTHEPOINT .... Dot texture mode 
WIREWEWAITING .... Textures off

Submitted by: AJ


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