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Gangsters 2


All Info on Ememies
To get all the information on the enemy gang's office, type your gang leader's name as:.

5-star Gangsters
Type your gang leader's (Joey Bane) name to ">- 00 -<" (without quotes, and those in the middle are zeros ) and all of your hire specialists will be 5 star rated! your advisor will confirm the code.


Get $10,000
Right click in the street, HOLD SHIFT and type "i love a", let off shift and press 1 to receive $10,000. Repeat for more

5-star Gangster
Right click in the street, HOLD SHIFT and type "this time around", let go of the shift and then you should receive a Ganster with a Machine Gun, 2 Bombs,Assatination Full Health. Repeat for more Gangsters.

Submitted by: AJ and CheatBookJon


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