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Go to the recruiter in a Brotherhood of Steel base, recruit team members, exit the recruit screen, take the armour off the new character(s), and give them to your squad leader.
Return to the recruiter and remove the new recruit(s).
You can then get different new recruits for more suits of armor.
After you leave the recruiter, the recruits you removed will reset, allowing you to get their armor again.
Repeat this until you have as many suits as you can carry and still walk.
Go to the quartermaster and sell the armor.
Repeat this until you have as much money as needed.

Find a new town/site on the map when you travel (for example, Pitch Black, Merchant, Trader, Gas Station, etc.). When you first get there, you can look around and trade. Before you leave, drop everything you are caring on the ground. Leave with nothing, then return. Every time you return the items you dropped will be there. This also works with vehicles.

When you have a random encounter, leave some of your items on the ground for that encounter, then leave. Return to that random encounter location, and you will find that your items are still there. Pick up all your things, leave, return, and your items will still be there. You can keep doing this until you have your fill of whatever you want. Note: This must be done just as you first enter the level. Otherwise you will not be able to return to find your items.

Hold Shift key during the credit sequence to hear comments from the development team.
Hold the Alt key during the credit sequence to see another funny feature.

Follow the  steps below...
1. Get down to 1 Action Point in turn-based mode.
2. Qucksave, then Quickload the game.
3. All the Action Points will be restored for that character.

Submitted by: D Dryfuss and AJ

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