Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul

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During play press the '~' key to open the console and then enter:
You will see an Activated! message..
You can now enter one of the passwords below to enable the Effect you require.

Code .... Effect
@godmode(0,1) .... God Mode
@godmode(0,2) .... God Mode (All Hits Score)
@givestrength(getunitofplayer(0,0),XXX) .... Give Strength XXX (# of points)
@givedexterity(getunitofplayer(0,0),XXX) .... Give Dexterity XXX (# of points)
@giveintelligence(getunitofplayer(0,0),XXX) .... Give Intelligence XXX (# of points)
help .... List of Console Commands
fps 0 or 1 .... Show Framerate

give 0 money x .... Give x Amount of Money
give 0 exp x .... Give x Amount of Experience Points
The "give 0 exp xxx" and "give 0 money xxx" can only be used after you have reached the first town and can only be used at the camp screen.

Skip Levels
You can't "skip levels", but you can enter any zone you want any time in the game using following cheat:

Instead of name you can use following strings to be transported to the various zones.

Example: @leavetozone(0,"bz1g",0) brings you to the village on the first island)

Briefing Zones
bz10k .... New Green clan's residence
bz11k .... Abandoned mines
bz13h .... Fortress
bz14h .... Last Shelter
bz15h .... Old necromancer's tower
bz16h .... Secret trading place
bz18h .... Cave - meeting place
bz1g .... Village

Game Zones
gz10g .... Tunnel
gz11k .... City environs
gz12k .... Abandoned mines
gz13k .... Karansul's domain
gz14k .... Forbidden catacombs
gz15h .... Death canyon
gz16h .... Wormheads' cave
gz17h .... Necromancers' desert
gz18h .... The city of Suslanger and its environs
gz19h .... Portal

Submitted by: B. Taylor


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