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Good Exp for Levels 11 to 14 in Qeynos Hills
Go to Qeynos Hills and hunt down Rabid Grizzleys.
They are about level 12 to 14.
Kill them (while keeping an eye out for Cros or Holly who will kill you for attacking animals), then loot the rabid pelt off them.
Take the pelt to the UFO in North Qeynos and hand them into the Priestess wearing leather. You will get VERY good exp, 1 to 2pp and a spell (usually endure disease).

Good Exp for low levels in Qeynos Area
You must be in qeynos area before ateempting this trick, and around lvl 2-4. Once you reach level 3, go to Qeynos hills and kill Gnolls, Gnoll pups , Gnoll scouts or Gnoll watchers.
There is a slight chance they will drop gnoll fangs.
Get 4 (or more) gnoll fangs and take them to the captain of the gaurds that overlooks the arena. Give him 4 teeth at a time.
He will give you lots of exp and 4 moonstones.
Give the moonstones to the bartender in the back of the bar in South Qqeynos.
He will also give you exp.

Ever get lost in the lands of Norrath? Look up into the skies to determine your direction. The clouds are always blowing to the west.
Also, if you drop a sword on the ground, its tip will point north.

Submitted by: Focus2001, Neil Andrews and Opie


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