Earthworm Jim

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On the Game screen, type one of the passwords below to enable the effect you require..

Password .... Effect
THREEMILEISLAND .... Full health
ITSAWONDERFUL .... Extra life
POPQUIZHOTSHOT .... 1000 bullets
ONANDONANDON .... Maximum continues
SLAUGHTERHOUSE .... Access to first 5 levels on the File menu
IDDQD and IDKFA .... Each will show a different credit screen
HATMAN .... Turns Jim into a stick figure
PULSATING .... Makes Jim look like Groucho
BLOATED .... Makes Jim have an afro
FESTERING .... Makes Jim have a red afro
SWEATY .... Makes Jim have big lips
PUSFILLED .... Makes Jim have antennae
MALFORMED .... Makes Jim have glasses
SLUGFORABUTT .... Makes Jim have an arrow thorugh his head and a weird face
Getthecheesetosickbay .... Access to all levels
apollo13 .... Gives 9 rockets

Submitted by: T.J.U.eb


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