Dare to Dream

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1. In the Alley, take the balloon and the underwear.
2. Go to the Boat. Examining the splotch will reveal a fish. Take it.
3. Go into Bouf's Bar. Open the Second Floor door with the fish. (Don't ask)
4. Go to the Second Floor. Talk to Bouf. Take the petroleum jelly.
5. Go to the East Corner. Use the jelly on the grate.
6. Go to the Sewer. Use the jelly on the grate.
7. Go to the Toxic Dump. Put the underwear on the slime.
Examine the barrel, and take the shotgun that is revealed.
8. Go to the Windmill Interior. Take the skull in the bottom-right corner.
9. Go to the East Corner. Throw the skull at the window and take the glass.
10. Go to the Boat. Fire the shotgun at the window.
11. Go to the Second Floor. Talk to Bouf again, and shoot him. Get the rod.
12. Go to Bouf's Bar. Use balloon on the helium tank.
13. Go to the Sidewalk. Use balloon on the sky.
14. Go to the East Roof. Open the door.
15. Go to the Penthouse. Examine the paper, and take the cross.
16. Go to the Boat. Use the rod to get the oxygen tank.
17. Go to the Broken Windmill. Use the glass to get the flower.
18. Go to the Pool. Use the oxygen tank on the water.
19. Go to the Cave Interior. Talk to the shark and give him the fish.
20. Go to the Windmill Interior. Use the flower on the bat.
21. Use the cross on the sunshine. Go to the Dark Meadow and talk to Terry.
22. Use the unicorn key on the doorway, and then sit back and watch the end!

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