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Cricket 2000

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Want to get a team out for a duck? Follow the steps below..
1. Select a team, which has at least two Spin Bowlers in it. The best team for this is Sri Lanka, you can have spin bowling at both ends..
2. Start off your bowling innings and select a Spin bowler.
3. Take the Ball Pitch Indicator all the way back (Like you're bowling a bouncer) place it just a little away from the off-stump of the batsman and don't give any direction on the Spin Direction Metre.
4. Select the speed of the ball at the lowest possible level: Do this by pressing the ball delivery key twice.
5. Make sure that the bowler bowls from the side that the batsman is facing (for a right-handed batsman the bowler should bowl from the left-side and for a left-handed batsman the bowler should bowl from the right-side). 
If you have done this right the ball should reach the Batsman in two bounces and should have him either LBW'ed or Bowled out.
Now do the same against all the players to get them out for no score. 

Submitted by: Aziz K


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