Cossacks: European Wars

Press Enter, then enter one of the passwords below to enable the effect you require...
Once the multivar or www code is used and you place the units that you want on the map, you need to press [F9] to return to normal click mode to play game. When you press P it will bring up a list of all units available in that mission. Select the unit, then left click on the screen to place the unit. When you are done placing your units, press [F9] to return to being able to left-click to select the units as normal

Effect .... Code
Toggle fog of war .... supervizor
Additional resources .... money
All resources .... resources
Press [Keypad 1-9] to change players .... izmena
Press P to access all units .... multitvar
Activate supervizor, multitvar and izmena .... www
Control enemy units .... ai
Infinite cannon .... shield
Invincible units .... gods

Submitted by: AJ


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