Conquest: Frontier Wars

To enable the cheats, during play, press the Enter key and enter password below (case-sensitive):
Give the sushi to Sean
You can now press the Enter key and enter one of the passwords below to enable the effect you require..
Remember to enter the passwords as written, including spaces, caps and !'s and ?'s

Password .... Effect
A winner is you! .... Win current mission
I am evil Homer .... Lose current mission
spacebridge .... Unlock all missions
The Master Builders .... Fast build
I want a raise .... Gives ore
Do you smell something? .... Gives gas
The courage of the fearless crew .... Gives crew
Some Great Reward .... Max out resources
Your chicks for free .... Disable the building costs
The Ultimate Doom .... Destroy player
If they could see me now .... Remove fog of war
I'll rip out your optics .... Normal fog of war
I can see clearly now .... Clears fog of discovery

Submitted by: PlaceboDX


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