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Command and Conquer: Yuri's Revenge

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Very Easy Win
With Yuri's side build 7-10 flying disk, attack your opponents power plant with 1 flying disk use the rest to attack all the structures. With soviet simply build 7-10 apocalypse and make sure they get upgraded to elite. then you simply fully raid the opponents grade starting with power plants and construction yard.

Easy Win
First built cloning vats, than built a Yuri prime (you'll get 2) then build a flying disk, attack with your flying disk power plant (it will drain its power), then with Yuri prime capture barracks or war factory, make some units to come out of the captured building, and then finally use your second Yuri prime to capture the construction yard.

Allied Battle Fortress Strategies
If five Chrono Legionnaires are put in a battle fortress it becomes the awesome Chronotank.
Use snipers, Tanyas, or Navy Seals for infantry and Tesla troopers and Guardian GIs for tanks or a combination of everything.
Just don't use the Legionnaires with other units because they will all target one unit but only the Legionnaire will shoot.

Yuri side only: Get the genetic Mutator ready. Turn super Weapons on and start a game. Build about 5-10 slave miners and send them all to one ore patch. Once all slave's are in range of the mutator click and all slaves turn into brutes. The slaves will be replaced and you could have 50 brutes!! (if u need cash, grind em!).

Special Unit Cheat
If you can build cloning vats, use them to make a second Yuri prime, Boris etc. Simply build your cloning vats and then build your special unit.

Triple Gattling Speed
Get a gattling cannon and set it to attack ground, call it a number and leave it. When an aircraft comes press its number and click on the aircraft and it will fire at triple the speed. 
Note: Works best on those Kirof Airships!!!)

Submitted by: AnimeX, Thomas White and AJ


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