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Colin McRae Rally 2.0

Go to the Create a New Driver Profile screen and enter your name as one of the codes below to unlock the cheat you require.

Effect .... Code
Unlock All cars .... ALLTHEBUTTONS
Unlock all tracks .... GREATNEWS
Unlock the bouncer mode .... BOINGBOINGBOING
Unlock aggressive cars .... NUTTYNETS
Unlock reverse tracks .... WAVEYOURLEFTS
Unlock the Escort MK1 .... MORRISMODE
Unlock faster cars .... GOFASTERSTRIPES
Unlock the Ford Puma .... GARYWILDASS
Unlock the Lancer Road .... EVILEVO
Unlock the Mini Cooper S .... MINIME
Monster tyres .... WHEELYBIG
Unlock the Shining cars .... SHINYBUTTONS
Turbo boost .... CURRYFORME
Fireball when handbrake used in Arcade mode .... EATTHIS
Appears to do nothing?? .... OOHNICE


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