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During play, enter one of the following key combos to enable the effect you require..

Effect .... Key combo/key
Change attitude of council (and time) .... Ctrl + Shift + T
Edit unit (except unit type) .... Ctrl + Shift + U
Update thrown room .... Q

Omnipotent Power
Hold shift and press 1 2 3 4 5 6 then release shift and press T.
This should give you complete vision over the entire map, and you can click in enemy towns and look around, as well as un-fortify units, making them easier to kill.
This will screw up the map, but ignore that.
This code can be turned off, just do the same this you did before.

Rename Enemy City
To easily change an enemy city's name all you have to do is to send a spy into one of their cities and choose investigate city. Then simply pick rename. The city will be renamed and won't change unless you decide to rename it again.

Use Enemy City
Infiltrate your enemy's cities.
Press "V" and move diagonally into an enemy city and press enter.
You can now change the city's productivity and disband unit.

Submitted by: WC Pope


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