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UNLOCK THE Cheat mode
Hold the Shift key and type:
The cheat mode allows you to view the power chart, enemy cities and instant replay.
It also allows you to fortify units, rearrange resources and sell improvements.

Random enemy leaders
During play, press the Alt + R keys
This will generate leaders with random attributes.
This cheat could also make the enemy stronger.

Reveal map
During Play, press the Shift + 5 + 6 keys, then select any location on map.

One turn transportation overseas
To move a non-water unit over large seas in one turn, build several transports. Set the transports in a chain (as far apart as they can go while reaching each other in one turn). load a unit (or more) on the transport one one end of the chain. take that transport to the next transport. Click on the 2nd transport and take it to the next transport and do the same procedure until you reach the desired shore.

Submitted by: AJ and B. Taylor


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