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Go to add manager, select the team that the player you want plays for, and take control of the team. Select the player you want and release on a free transfer then go to retire. When you are back on your team wait for the player to be released by the club then offer him a contact and if it is good enough he will accept and move clubs without costing you anything except the signing on fee. (Must be playing to do this cheat)

Opponent has no players
Choose a rival team that you do not like. Add manager, then free transfer all their players. Instead of clicking "Continue", retire immediately. None of the free transfers will be blocked, leaving them with no players.

Simply take over the opposition's team. Play all the players on the wing, which results in your team getting a big win:
Select "Add Manager" and click on the team you will play next. Select "Tactics" and set all the players on the side with no one in goal. Also place the worse captain in charge of that team.

Buy FGN players that have European Passports
In the player and staff search screen, click on "Player Search". Then, specify "EU National" under filters. While you are in there type in, after the "Text" filter, a country or continent outside the EU. This will allow you buy to foreign players that have EU passports such as Alexander Mostovoi (who is Russian/Portuguese).

Get a referee sacked
Complain to the FA about a previous Referee five times in a row (without looking at news page).
After which you will find that there is only one message and that is that the ref is SACKED!.

Submitted by: AJ, Tim C, JOSH IN B. HILL and Bob Taylor

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