CART Precision Racing


Change Speedometer
To cycle your speedometer between MPH, KPH and none, type EC while playing.

Drive the Yellow Car from the Pits
To drive the yellow car you saw in the pit station, type CAR while playing. Don't do this if you're in the pits, though. The game will crash if you try.

No Flags
To remove the flag from the corner, type NOFLAG while playing.

Strong Wheels
For stronger wheels, type BRAVO while playing.

View Frame Rate
To view the game's frame rate (speed), type FRAME while playing.


Change Viewpoint
To change your viewpoint while racing, press V.

Rotating Map
While playing, press M to bring up a view of the map then press R to rotate it.
Warning: this will reduce you to first gear.

No Car Damage
To eliminate car damage, press X while racing.

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