During play, press the key combo below to enable the effect you require..

Shareware/Registered Version cheats:
Key Combo .... Effect
Ctrl + B .... Displays the Mystery Spot in the level.
Ctrl + L .... Moves you forward one level, but this code will cost you a life.
Shift + Ctrl + L .... Moves you back one level.

Registered Version cheats:
Type in ''TOYS'' to activate these cheats first.

Key Combo .... Effect
Ctrl + F .... Warps you to the final stage in the episode.
Alt + H .... Delivers one maximum hit to the enemy in the final stage in the episode.
Ctrl + F5 .... Adds one credit for Player 1.
Ctrl + F8 .... Adds one credit for Player 2.
1 .... Sets Player 1's lives to 0.
2 .... Sets Player 2's lives to 0.

Submitted by: AJ


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