Back Yard Baseball 2003

Big City Stadium and Super Colossal Dome:
Win the Backyard World Series in season mode to unlock the Big City Stadium and Super Colossal Dome.
Mr. Clanky: Win the Backyard World Series to unlock Mr. Clanky in the trophy box in the clubhouse. Click on him to use him in exhibition mode.
Easy hits: After the ball is pitched, press Space to pause game play. You will be able to see where the ball is located. Move the pointer to where the ball is, press Space again to resume the game, then hit the ball.
Pablo speaks English: Go to a screen where Pablo says things. Hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift and click on him. He will now speak in English.
Better Maria Luna: Create a team, and make both colors pink. Choose Maria Luna for your team, and when you go to play she will be having a good day and have the following stats: Batting 9, Running 9, Pitching 9, Fielding 10.

Submitted by: AJ and CheatBookJon


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