Back Yard Baseball

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Enter the clubhouse and go to the trophy case. Hold [Shift] and click on Mr. Clanky.
You will hear a sound to confirm.
You may now play as Mr. Clanky in a pick-up game.

Select the "Create your own team" option and make a team with all colours set to pink.
Choose Maria Luna and her stats will be 10 batting, 10 running, 9 pitching, and 9 fielding.


Good days and bad days
At the beginning of the baseball game when you are organizing your roster, place the pointer on the player's faces and their stats will appear. When you are looking at the stats, sometimes it will show baseballs that have plus signs and minus signs on them. Minus signs take away stats for that game. If the baseballs have plus signs for that game they add stats. On the score board players have different color backgrounds. When players have green backgrounds, they are going to have an average day. When the background is blue that player is going to have a bad day. An orange background means that player is going to have a good day.

Submitted by: RHP2001 and CheatBookJon


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