Asheron's Call

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During play, Enter one of the passwords below to enable the effect you require..

Effect .... Password
Character jumps and stays in the air, as in old Toyota ad .... *ATOYOT*
Character creates a snow angel on the ground .... *SNOWANGEL*
Character does "I'm a little teapot" dance .... *TEAPOT*
Character does YMCA dance and leaves sparkling trail .... *YMCA*
Character points and laughs .... *MOCK*
Character places hands on hips and laughs .... *AKIMBO*
Character sits while floating in air .... *AFK*
Character meditates .... *MEDITATE*
Character pleads for mercy .... *PLEAD*


Break allegiance without losing experience
Delete your character at the character selection screen and restore them.
When you log back on as that character, your allegiance will be broken and it will once again require zero experience to pledge allegiance.

Submitted by: Tommy Jackson and AJ


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