Army Men: World War

During gameplay press the Backspace key and then type: "!throw me a frickin bone here" to enable cheat mode.
Now press the Backspace key and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Effect .... Password
Debug mode .... !rate me
Mission complete .... !cut to the chase
Mission failed .... !the meek
Kill selected units .... !time for bed
Faster soldiers .... !pump me up
Disable AI .... !oh behave
Enable AI .... !mojo
Random item/effect .... !mona lisa
Remove disguises .... !let me down
Unit receives three bombing airstrikes .... !heavenly glory
Unit receives three napalm airstrikes .... !this one goes to eleven
Unit receives three recons .... !peep show
Unit receives nine blue disguises .... !i woke up this morning
Unit receives nine gray disguises .... !incognito
Unit receives flak jacket .... !whistle and flute
Unit receives infinite sniper rifle ammo .... !yippee!!!
Unit receives infinite air attack .... !roody-pooh
Unit receives infinite plastic mending kit .... !florence

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