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During play, Press Enter to bring up the talk box.
You can now enter one of the passwords below to enable the effect you require..

Password .... Effect
icangeteverything .... Gives 5000 food, gold and wood and give 50 guns and horses
horsesarecrazy .... Gives 10 horses
gimmemorefirepower .... Gives 10 guns
goldinmypockets .... Gives 1000 gold
woodisverygood .... Gives 1000 wood
iwantfastfood .... Gives 1000 food
icanwineverythingnow .... Wins Mission
iwantanamericanhero .... Gives you David Crockett (US)
iwantareallybadguy .... Gives you Billy The Kid (Outlaws)

Submitted by: Anonymous


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