Age of Empires 2

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Type the following cheats as Chat messages.
Only work in single player mode.

Effect .... Password
1000 stone .... rock on
1000 wood .... lumberjack
1000 gold .... robin hood
1000 food .... cheese steak jimmy's
Full map .... marco
No shadows .... polo
Fast building .... aegis
Control animals .... natural wonders
Instant victory .... i r winner
Instant loss .... resign
Suicide .... wimpywimpywimpy
Tall, fast moving, useless villager .... i love the monkey head
Priests have 900 points .... hoyohoyo
Shelby Cobra car with twin machine guns .... how do you turn this on
Kill indicated opponent .... torpedo(number)
Destroy all opponents .... black death
Saboteur unit .... to smithereens

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