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An honest salary: For this game you need to do is drop a beanbag on a target. This seems easy but once the wind gets going it's harder than you think. To go up in the air, you have to click the burner and once the temperature gets up, the balloon will too. To go lower, click the top of the balloon to release air. Once you're ready to drop the beanbag, just click on it, and remember -- you still have momentum and your beanbag won't drop straight down below you. The secret to this game is finding the wind vectors and using them to your advantage. At each level, there's a certain height you need to maintain to get the right wind.
Optimal Heights: Here are the optimal heights for reaching the targets:
Level One: 1.0-5.0.
Level Two: 2.0-3.0.
Level Three: 3.0-4.0.
Level Four: 2.0-4.0.
Level Five: 0.5-2.0 Note: This level is tricky. From 0.5-1.5 makes the balloon go slightly to the right and from 1.5-2.0 makes it go straight.
Level Six: 2.5-4.0 Note: Another tricky level. From 2.5-3.0 makes you go to the left, 3.0-3.5 is straight and from 3.5-4.0 is to the right. You need to use these intelligently to make it to the target.

For this game/activity/whatever, you go to "Sun Spot" on the sidebar menu, and click on the room on the left. When inside, click on the map up top. Then click on the link for Data Machine and put in this info, or your own info from a weather site. This information should get you a gold medal in the game.
Closest major city: Nairobi, Kenya.
Date: May 27th.

For this game, you only need to do the last level to get a salary increase of 12 clams!
Sunrise time: 5:53 am.
Sunset time: 5:56 pm.
01. May 27th; Nairobi, Kenya.
02. June 27th; Cairo, Egypt.
03. September 28th; Tokyo, Japan.
04. December 28th; Anchorage, Alaska.
05. June 6th; London, England.
06. June 20th; Perth, Australia.
07. May 20th; Bombay, India.
08. March 28th; Tahiti, French Polynesia.
09. June 20th; Moscow, Russia.
10. September 21st; Buenos Aires, Argentina.
11. December 20th; Las Vegas, Nevada (United States).
12. June 2nd; Lima, Peru.

Here's the answer for the skater game. Just put everything in the centre, and she'll spin like crazy, and get you "Olympic Medallist".

Many people think you need to click on every single picture in the whole Illusions House, but in reality you only need to walk through the whole place! So just keep going through the doors and it'll take you less than a minute to get a raise of 10 in your salary.

Okay, for this game, you have to:
* Sign up at the tiki tours
* Go to the Warp Wagon on the sidebar menu
* Choose your destination by clicking on a pink dot on the globe. It will tell you
what you've clicked on. If you didn't know, you can always drag the globe to get to places not visible at first.
* When you have the right destination click "Go to" and you will be transported.
* When you have arrived, click on the door to exit
* When you have found out how to get off the bus, click on the money in the middle.
* Click back on the Warp Wagon, proceed to your next destination!
* When you're done, your salary will be raised by 15 clams/day, and you can exchange the foreign money you found for clams at the Coin Exchange on the sidebar menu.

First Answers:
Mexico City, Mexico.
Rio de Janeiro, brazil.
Bombay, India.
Montreal, Canada.
Moscow, Russia.

Second Clues:
Bombay, India.
Jerusalem, Israel.
Beijing, China.
Rome, Italy.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Third Clues:
Montreal, Canada.
Kamchatka, Russia.
North Pole.
South Pole.
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Submitted by: Craig D, MindMass and CheatBookJon

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