Nintendo Dual Screen, Nintendo DS Game Cheats
New Super Mario Bros.
Working title: Super Mario Bros. DS (Japan)

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Unlocking Hints
Save Anywhere: Beat the game once.
World 4: Beat last castle in World 2 as Mini Mario.
World 7: Beat last castle in World 5 as Mini Mario.
Special Background Patterns: Beat the game once.
Unlimited Toad-House Items: Clear every level including bonus levels.

Play as Luigi:
On the "select a file" screen press and hold both L and R and select a saved game using the A button.
Original Mario theme and Fireworks at end of stage: At the end of a stage hit the flagpole when you have either 11, 22, 33, 44 in the last two digits of your time.
Toad houses at start of world: The appearance of Toad houses depends on what the last two digits of you time are when you finish the stage.
Red Mushroom House (items): 11, 22, 33
Green Mushroom House (1up game): 44, 55, 66
Orange Mushroom House (Mega Mushroom): 77, 88, 99
Earn 1up at Flag Pole:If you can manage to hit the higest point on the flag pole at the end of a stage you will get a 1up.
Interact with Credits Screen: On the credit screen use the stylus to manipulate the credits.

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