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One: When you go up the stairs and have one Star, you can go through a door with a number one on it. When you go in, go through one of the pictures of Peach. One of them contains a level with a secret Star.
Two: As Luigi, from the main hallway go into the door at the top of the first staircase. Go up the stairs and into the door at the top of this staircase. Then, go into the door with red carpet around it. There will be a room with a huge mirror in it. Get a flower on one of the pedestals and go through the mirror. Enter the door in the reflection. You will be in a room that is all yellow, with a lone Star.
Three: Go to the rec room where you play mini-games. Jump into the painting in that room. Collect the five Blue Stars to get the real Star to appear. This is also a level that appears when you play in multi-player mode.
Four: Finish the secret level in the character selection room in less than 21 seconds to get another Star.
Five: Go into the basement with Wario. Go to the entrance to Hazy Maze Cave but do not jump in. Go all the way around and down the steps. You should see a Toad in the left hand corner. Speak to him for a Star.
Six: Go to the second floor with Luigi. There is a Toad across from the Tall Tall Mountain entrance, located directly behind the steps that go to the third floor. Speak to the Toad and he will tell you about the mirror room. Before he finishes, he also gives you a Star.

More Super Mario 64 DS cheat help CLICK HERE!

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