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Nintendo Dual Screen, Nintendo DS Game Cheats
Super Mario 64 DS
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Hide And Boo Seek: One rabbit.
Puzzle Panel: Two rabbits.
Boom Box: Three rabbits.
Tox Box Shuffle: Four rabbits.
Which Wiggler?: Five rabbits.

Sort Or 'Splode: One rabbit.
Trampoline Time: Two rabbits.
Shuffle Shell: Three rabbits.
Bounce And Trounce: Four rabbits.
Connect The Characters: Five rabbits.
Shell Smash: Six rabbits.
Trampoline Terror: Seven rabbits.

Coincentration: One rabbit.
Bingo Ball: Two rabbits.
Psyche Out!: Three rabbits.
Slots Shot: Four rabbits.
Lakitu Launch: Five rabbits.
Intense Coincentration: Six rabbits.
Giant Snowball Slalom: Seven rabbits.

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