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How to get easy health refill: When Mario's energy is low, find water, swim underwater, then get some air.
How to get easy health refill (2): To regain health, just collect coins. You can also try to destroy an enemy to see if an item appears.
How to get easy lives: Play a level with a 1-Up, such as Bomb-Omb Battlefield. Collect the 1-Up mushrooms, leave the level, then go back in and repeat. You can do this as many times as desired.
How to get easy Stars: Some very easy Stars appear when you talk to some Toads in different rooms around the castle.
Star bonus: Obtain all 150 stars and go outside the castle. Climb inside the cannon opening that is now located where the grating was near the Fish Pond. Aim to land onto the roof, to get three lives and a red block for flying Mario.
Mushroom 1-Ups: When you get a power-up mushroom(that makes your character bigger), start plowing down enemies, signs, etc. A number will appear after every object you hit. After the number "8" appears, you will earn a 1-Up for each enemy hit.
Shortcut to King Bomb-Omb: When you get past the gate, you will see hill with a red coin. The only way to get up that hill is to hold Y (dash). Every once in a while, change the camera angle. Another way is by transportation. Go along the normal path of the level and you will eventually see a hole in the wall. Stand in that hole and do not press anything. You will be instantly warped to the second top layer of the mountain. The last way are the cannons. Just blast yourself up there, but be careful. Mario flies slightly below the target. Make sure you raise the cannon a little above your target. This will save some time.
Classic Mario game reference: When the game starts, go to the rec room. You will hear the level selection screen music from Super Mario Bros. 3.
Getting Luigi: Go to the courtyard with the fountain and the ghosts. Look for one ghost that larger than the others. Use Mario to stomp him. Enter the small object that it drops to reach Boo's mansion. Get the first Star. On the second one, go up to the second floor. Continue on to defeat Big Boo and get Luigi's key.
Getting Mario: To rescue Mario, you need at least 8 Stars. Go into the castle version of the rec room, where Toad is worried about losing Peach's rec room keys. Open the 8 Star door. Go forward, jump across the platforms, climb the pole, and reach the top of the huge tree. Jump down the hole on top of it. To defeat the following Boss, Goomboss as Yoshi, just run behind him, swallow a minion, and throw it back at him. After each hit, he will grow and redden. After three hits, he will be defeated and you will get the key to Mario's room. Then, just unlock the door and go inside.
Getting Wario: Play as Luigi in the Mirror Room. Jump into Wario's painting and defeat the Giant Ice Bully to get Wario's key.
Secret area: When you have a good amount of Stars, go to the part of Peach's castle, where there is a flame-like painting on the wall. Then, go down the left hallway until you reach a dead end. Jump through the wall at the dead end. If done correctly on the correct wall, you will access a secret level.
Drain water under bridge and Star: After getting Wario, go to the basement type place. Go though one of the doors with no star on it. You will reach a sign that says something about the two pillars in front of you. Ground Pound both of them, and the water will sink. After that, go outside close to under the bridge. There will be a one of those black brink type things -- make sure you have Wario. Then, ground pound it. You must collect all the red coins to get the Star in that secret spot.
Luigi: Rabbits: Go to the area with all the ghosts and where the door is located. Jump, then grab the ledge. Climb it, then jump up again. There should a green rabbit up there.
Mario loses hat: Go to the level where you can see the snow level in the mirror. Climb the mountain when you get to the head where the penguin is found. The snow head guy will blow you off. If you are Mario, your hat will fall off and you can leave the level without it.
More mini-games: To unlock more mini games in the rec room, catch a rabbit with the character you want more mini games with. For example, catch a rabbit with Luigi to get another Luigi mini game.
More mini-games (2): After you have been in Princess Toadstool's (Peach's) room with the big dresser and all the drawers, go outside in the front yard of the castle. You will need to be playing as Yoshi. You will see three rabbits grouped up together. If you go near them, they will run away very fast. Run after them and catch them with your tongue. The rabbit will plead to let it out. You will automatically spit it out. After it complains about you about almost swallowing it, it will give you a key to the drawers, which will unlock more mini games in the rec room for Yoshi. You will get three keys, because there are three rabbits.
Psyche Out! mini-game: The mini game tests your psychic abilities. There is a trick to beating this game. If you look carefully at the waving card, you should see a faint outline of the image that is on the back of the card. If you can not see the image immediately, wait a few seconds and you should get a glimpse. This will happen more frequently on the harder levels.

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