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The walk while underwater game glitch: Play as Yoshi and find Wario's hat. Then, get his power-up so that you are metal. Before it runs out, get hit by an enemy while near a slope like the sunken ship. For example, jump off the bow to the wall and get hit by the eel. Yoshi will lose his cap, but not swim. You can walk around on the bottom slowly, but can still drown.
The make Yoshi punch and kick instead of swallow game glitch: Go to Hazy Maze Cave with Yoshi. Choose Wario's hat when coming in, then take the left route. Long jump (dash, crouch, then jump), go through the door, then go across the wire until you reach the falling rocks. Go to the black brick to your left, break it, then dash quickly to the rocks (do not get the mushroom), so that they hit you. Your cap will fall off. Quickly hurry back to where the black brick was located and get the mushroom. Jump back on to the land. You should now be a Big Yoshi. Press A. Notice that instead of swallowing, he will punch (like Mario, Luigi, and Wario). If you press A(3), he will kick. Note: This may take require a few attempts.
The get on top of the roof without 150 Stars game glitch: Change your character to Luigi and go outside near the waterfall. If you are in the correct place, which is near the fence, turn your back to the little piece of land across the water. Do a backflip (R + B) and you will start twirling. Try to twirl to the little piece of land (not the steep side). Turn your back to the steep part of the hill and change the camera position so the it is showing your back. Jump and scuttle while holding Down and you will get up the hill a short distance. Then, just as you touch the ground press B(2) and hold it while pressing Down. Keep doing this until you get to flat surface at the top. Jump onto the red roof. It is steep, but it has a lot friction so that you will not slide down. There will be a rabbit, a "?" box, and three 1-Ups here.
The get on top of the roof without 150 Stars game glitch (2): Change your character to Mario, go outside, then keep going to the left. You will see that there is a corner formed by the castle. Do a triple jump, then wall jump kick on the wall. Then use another wall jump kick on the other wall and continue until you reach the top.
The get on top of the roof without 150 Stars game glitch (3): Change your character to Yoshi. Go near the waterfall, but not in it. Turn your back to the steep hill. Press B, then when you touch the ground press B (2) (Luigi's technique). Keep doing this until you are high up the hill. Try to slide down onto the little piece of land. Do the same thing up the hill and you will be there.
The get on top of the roof without 150 Stars game glitch (4): Go to the right side of the outside castle as Mario. Do a triple jump where the wall splits to two sides. If the last jump was close to the roof of the castle, do a wall kick twice and you will be at the top of the castle.
The alternate roof game glitch: In versus mode when you get a Luigi, Yoshi, or Mario cap and get onto the roof, the friction is different, and there are no 1-Ups or the "?" box.
The bypass the one way system game glitch: In the Hazy Maze and in the basement you will find doors that lead to hills with glass walls directly above them. Their purpose is to only allow you to go one way: down the hill. Use the following trick to go back up the hill. Step back from the hill about 15 feet, dash, and long jump (twice if possible) from 3 feet in front of the hill. Then, regular jump (also twice if possible), then dive (with A). After a few attempts you should be able to bypass the one way system.
The glowing rabbits game glitch: When you catch all the normal rabbits, shining/glowing rabbits usually appear. However, if you catch all normal rabbits for one character ( for example, Mario), you can catch more than two rabbits with him. You can actually catch all the glowing rabbits with one person. They appear in locations where other rabbits are found; check where you have seen rabbits for that person. Once you catch eight, the door beside Wario's door will open, containing only one Star..
The floating penguin game glitch: Get a Star while carrying a baby penguin. When Mario does his victory pose, the penguin will be floating near his head.
The Wario flying but sounds like walking game glitch: When you are Wario, turn in to Mario in Bob-omb Battlefield. Then, hit a "?" box and the feather will appear. Grab it, and when you get high enough, dive down and go up. When Wario says "Whoa!", you will hear him hitting the ground, but still remain flying.
The disappearing water game glitch: As Mario, enter the Wet-Dry World painting at the lowest point to make the water the lowest. Once in, get to the top of the stage with the red "!" block. Do not raise the water level. Get floaty and make your way to the tunnel that takes you to the second area of the level. Touch the crystal that lowers the water and get the "!" block. Float back up through the tunnel where you came from. At the end of the tunnel, triple-jump to get up. Note: You must wall jump on the side of the tunnel leading up. You will suddenly hit water as if you were swimming. Swim back down the tunnel, and eventually the water will disappear and you will hit solid ground.
The Mario, Luigi, or Mario acting like Yoshi game glitch: When playing as Yoshi, get anyone's cap. While flashing blue, use Yoshi's tongue power. You will see Mario, Luigi, or Wario bending over like Yoshi when he uses his tongue attack.
The Yoshi acting like Mario, Luigi, and Wario game glitch: As Yoshi, lose the cap of anyone. When you start turning back into Yoshi, punch. When he turns back into Yoshi, he will be punching. Note: He can also do this in giant form.

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