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Easy lives method one: Play a level with a 1-Up, such as Bomb-Omb Battlefield. Collect the 1-Up mushrooms, leave the level, then go back in and repeat. You can do this as many times as desired.
Easy lives method two: Go up to the room with each character's door. There will be a stained-glass portrait of Princess Peach. Jump into the portrait on the right hand side of the of the room to access a Secret Star room. Go down the slide in front of you and about halfway down, you will run into a 1-Up. Repeat this as many times as needed.
Easy lives method three: You must have at least 8 Stars and Mario unlocked for this trick. Go to the area where you unlocked Mario (past the character selection, through he door that required eight Stars to unlock, in the portrait of Mario) as Mario. Go down the tree stump to fight Goomboss, then kick the back of his head to get the mushroom. Eat it and wait for him to turn. He will create three Goombas at a time. Because you are big, you will automatically kill them. Continue to stand there and you will start racking up lives (three at a time). You can get up to fifteen lives at a time by doing this. Once the mushroom wears off, kill yourself and jump back in, repeating the process.
Easy lives method four: If you die during the final battle and need lives, go behind the pillar to your left to find a 1-Up. If you die at Bowser, it will be there again.
Easy lives method five: You can get extra lives outside the castle. If you make birds fly away, hit one and an extra life mushroom will appear.
Easy lives method six: Go in the castle room with all of the characters' doors. Jump into the picture of Princess Peach on the right. Once in, you will be able to go down the Princess's "secret slide". Somewhere on the slide, a 1-Up will appear in front of you. At the end of the slide there will be a yellow star (if you have not already been here before). Behind the platform where the star was located, another 1-Up should appear. You can keep doing this until you have as many lives as desired, for those harder courses. Even if you save, the next time you will not have that amount of lives.

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