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Super Mario 64 DS
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Erasing: To erase what you drew, press Left. To put it back, press Right.
Thicker lines: To make your picture's lines thicker, press Up.
Thinner lines: To make your picture's lines thinner, press Down.
Keeping picture still: If your picture starts moving around strangely, press L or R to snap back in place.
Stretch: Press Left or Right to spin the image(s) to the left or right in a cyclone type pattern. If you press Down, the image stretches apart. If you press Up, the images will come together.
Grabbing your drawing: You can use the touchpad to play and animate the drawing.
Reviving: If you accidentally press the pencil and want the same one back, just click the glove. Your picture is drawn back.
Switching: You can switch the image in the background by clicking on the Yoshi square on the other side. This also applies by clicking on the Mario square for the other side.

Drawing: When the game starts and Mario's head appears, touch him. The screen will draw Mario. To draw your own picture, touch the pencil on the bottom-right. You have a paint meter at the bottom. This determines how much more you can draw before it automatically makes it into an object.
Drawing (2): If you cannot figure out what to draw, press R or L before you start drawing. A faded image of Mario will appear. The same happens for Yoshi if he was on the screen that was touched at the start.
Luigi drawing: At the main menu, when Mario's face is looking around, tap his face the first time he turns and faces all the way to the right. It will draw Luigi's face instead of Mario's.

More Super Mario 64 DS cheat help CLICK HERE!

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