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Super Mario 64 DS
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Goomboss: As Yoshi, run around the arena as fast as possible and try to get behind the Goomboss. Swallow a Goomba that follows him. Wait for it to become an egg and throw it at him. Repeat this two more times.
Fun with Goomboss: Go back to the place behind the Princess's Drawers to the door with an 8 on it with Mario. Enter the fight with Goomboss, and eventually he will throw a mushroom. Touch the mushroom and Mario will grow tall, just like in the classic Mario games.
King Boo: Get to King Boo by going through the Luigi picture in the Boo House. You can tell where he is when he disappears in the mirror by looking for his shadow on the floor.
Lethal Bombs: To kill the Lethal Bombs, either jump at them or punch/kick them ahead of time.

More Super Mario 64 DS cheat help CLICK HERE!

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