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Secret Star: Stand on the sun platform in the middle of the main room in the castle as Mario. Gaze up at the sun above the final Boss door. You must perform this trick with Mario because he is the only person that can fly. Inside, you must collect eight red coins and a Star will appear on the center platform. Note: You can only receive this star after you reach a certain point in the game. You will know you have reached this point when the sun shines through onto the platform.

Easy lives: Go to the part with the poisonous gas maze. Get to the section aboveground that has two gopher holes on it. Near that area should be a breakable box with a Super Mushroom inside. Get the Super Mushroom and run to the two gopher holes. Walk over the holes, killing the alternating gophers back and forth until the mushroom wears off. It is possible to get 40 lives this way. Note: This works best with Wario.

Secret Star: Once you have access to the second floor, visit the Mirror Room with Luigi. Grab a flower and walk into the mirror to pass through it. Go straight to the door in the background and it will open, bringing you to a completely white room with a star in it. To get back into the main area, grab another flower or go to the right to free Wario (if you already have not done so).

Secret: Enter the room where you can change into different characters (Before the room with the Toad and pastel colors). Jump into the glass window of Peach next to Yoshi's door (on the right). You will enter a Castle Secret. You can get three Stars here. Make it to the bottom of the slide to get the first. Make it to the end of the slide in under twenty seconds for the second. Get every coin in the level (including blue ones) for the third.

To get to Shifting Sand Land you must enter through a wall hidden down near the Lethal Lava Land level.

Secret: Got to the room on the first floor with the entrance to the level with the sunken ship picture. There all small square holes on the walls. Jump in the one on the left to get a 1-Up. Jump into the one on the right to enter the Castle Secret. To earn a Star you must swim through the tank and get all eight red coins. To get air, you must grab the other coins -- their is no way to get out of the water.

One: To stop the clock level on the third floor of the castle, jump in at exactly 12 o'clock.
Two: Go in at 3, 6, or 9 o'clock to make it slow, medium, or fast; respectively.
Three: When you go up to the clock, instead of entering it, wait until the big hand goes around once.

Mysterious mountainside: Go to the top of the mountain and get the Wario hat. Jump down until you see a group of coins on the side of the mountain. Jump through the wall to enter a secret slide game, in which the reward is a Star.

Flood: After getting the key from the second Bowser, go upstairs and walk through the door that leads to the room with all the pictures. Stop when you get through it and look around. In front of you is a picture of a spider. It is Wet Dry World. To flood it, jump very high into the picture. If you time the triple jump extremely well, you will flood Wet Dry World.
No water: This trick is very similar to the "Wet Dry World: Flood" hint. The only difference is, instead of jumping high into the picture, jump very low into it. You should try to jump directly into the bottom of the picture.

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