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Super Mario 64 DS
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Run: Press any direction then Y to accelerate. Hold Y to remain that way.
Dash: Do not press any direction and hold Y. Mario will charge up and run in place. Then, hold any direction to dash off.
3 hit combo: Press A, A, A while standing still to do two punches and a jump-kick.
Run Dive: Start running then press A. Mario will do an instant dive, then slide on his stomach. While sliding it would be best to press B to hop quickly back on his feet.
Run Jump Dive: Start running, then press B. Mario will jump with medium acceleration. Then, press A and Mario will dive in mid- air. Note: This works best for gaps that you can get the triple jump to work. Then as you slide on your stomach, press B.
Double Jump: This requires timing. When standing still, press B to jump. Just as you land, jump again. You should go higher. Note: It will not work a third time.
Triple Jump: You must be moving. Do the same thing as the Double Jump, but time it correctly one more time to do a super high jump.
Triple Jump Dive: Perform the Triple Jump, then press A.
Ledge Grabbing: When you grab a ledge quickly press B to get up or R to descend.
Tree Climbing: When climbing on a tree, hold Y to accelerate up. When at the top of the tree, do not move then press Up. You will do a hand stand on top of the tree. Press B to go flying high into the air. Note: This is useful for places that you cannot reacy by foot.
Power Dunk: When in mid-air at almost any time, press R. Mario will stop in mid-air for a full second, curl up, then descend at a good speed directly downward. This is useful for boxes that need smashing.
Crawling: Hold R and press in any direction to crawl. Crawling works best in small narrow spaces where it is easy to fall.
Super Backflip Somersault: Hold R and make sure you are crouching, then jump. You can maneuver slightly while in the air.
Super Hop: Long jump when needed to get to the other side of a gap. Run or jog, then hold R and jump.
Wall Jumping: Jump on a wall at a certain angle. Mario will slide down the wall. Press B to jump very high off of the wall.
Breakdance Sweep Kick: Remain still, then hold R and press A. Mario will sweep his feet around, then get back in crouching position.
Running Slide Kick: Start running, then hold R and press A while still moving to do a sliding kick towards an enemy.
Ducking: Press R to duck, crouch, or get down.

More Super Mario 64 DS cheat help CLICK HERE!

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