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The Sims 2
Also known as: Sims 2: Hacha Mecha Hotel Life

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The Sims 2
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How to get things finished faster:
Change the internal clock on your DS system. This trick works well if you want to get rooms built faster. Instead of waiting the normal eight hours, just set your clock ahead eight hours. If you need money get guests to stay, set clock forward the desired number of hours or days.
How to get a free milkshake: Go to the area of the town where all the cows are found. Go up to the cows, not the bull, and tip it over. After you tip it over and it is laying down, select "Milk" to get a milkshake. If you just milk the cow without tipping it, you will get plain milk. You can sell it for 2 Simoleons at the store, drink it, or give it away as a gift.
How to quickly refill your sanity: In the basement of the hotel, turn to your right. Go down the hall. Enter the door at the end of the hall and you will be in a freezer. A piece of meat will be hanging from the ceiling. Go up to it and punch it. Your sanity meter will refill faster than usual.
How to stop wires from getting chewed: In order to have the mole or worm stop chewing on the wires, spray it with water several times.
How to walk very slowly: Set the Nintendo DS system time ten minutes behind. Then, go back into the game. Somebody will call and say that you are an alien. You will now be able to walk very slowly. Take a shower to make the effects wear off.

The sink into floor game glitch: You are advised to save the game before attempting this glitch. Go into Jebidiah J. Jerky's room, located in Saloon near the restroom. Run into the corner where the orange toolbox is found and keep running. You will sink into the floor. Note: Do not save the game after this happens.
The darkness game glitch: Purchase the Rat Cave from the town hall. After it is finished being built, wait until you get a call that a criminal is in town. Do not put on the rat suit, and find the criminal. When you find the criminal make sure there is a person in the room who needs to calm down, cheer up, etc. Go to that person and calm them down, cheer them up, etc. If the criminal gets near you while you are doing this, you will pass out and go to your room. It will then be dark everywhere. To reverse this, simply calm someone down, cheer them up, etc.

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