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Nintendo Dual Screen, Nintendo DS Game Cheats
Pokemon Dash

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How to unlock the Hard GP mode:
To get this you need to win GP mode to unlock a harder version of it.
How to unlock the Expert GP mode: To get this you need to win the Hard GP.
How to unlock the Expert Rules Time Attack mode: To get this you need to win the Hard GP.
How to unlock the Special Cup: To get this you need to win the GP.
How to unlock the Time Attack mode: To get this you need to win the first GP mode cup.
How to unlock the Shiny trophies: To get these you need to win a cup without retrying any of its races.
How to unlock extra tracks: Upload a Pokemon from a Game Boy Advance Pokemon game to unlock a new track. Each individual Pokemon will create a new track.

How to control the ending sequence:
Slide the touch screen to change the speed of the ending credits.
How to control the victory screen: After winning a cup, use the touch screen to drag Pikachu.
How to control the menu screen: When Pikachu apears on the menu screen when running to you, make single player and multiplayer pop up then drag Pikachu to tease him.
Info about time limits: Whenever you get a track by sending a Pokemon in special mode in Pokemon Dash from another game, such as Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, etc., you will get a certain time limit for the level. This is determined by the level of the Pokemon. For example: If you had a level 50 Sceptile, you will get 50 seconds to do the level.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, AJ and Ian T.

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