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Ping Pals

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How to get easy money: Watch the credits until they end, then wait until they finish again and you will get 50 Coins.
How to unlock the Shantae background: Touch the Ping Pals logo exactly at midnight (00:00:00) when the chime sounds. Note: Try setting the system clock fifteen seconds before midnight to give you enough time to prepare to do this. Shantae's sexy background will now be unlocked in the "Backgrounds" section of the Items Shop.
How to get bonus items: Enter the Items Shop on various holidays (Christmas, The Fourth Of July, Halloween) or your birthday to find new items.
How to get new items: Change the system date to a different time or date in order to get new items in the shop. This works well for going back to a date that you missed, or forward to a date that you cannot wait for (for example, Christmas).
High-Lo mini-game game hint: Always pick 7. The game usually chooses a high number, and the worst you can lose is 5 Coins if it selects 1.

Type one of the following words in a chat room:
Aquarium, Awesome, Barnacle, Batteries, Behemoth, Blam, Blimp, Bonus, Boss, Camel, Carbon, Cavity, Chronological, Cinnamon, Cleaver, Consume, Crochet, Egghead, Ego, Encyclopedia, Enemy, Enigma, Enterprise, Fantasy, Fiber, Florescent,, Gargoyle, Ginger, Glamorous, God, Granny, Hangnail, Hopeful, Hunchback, Incognito, Kingdom, Link, Magnificent, Mongrel, Mushroom, Nutritional, Oddball, Paranormal, Particular, Pastry, Peppercorn, Platypus, Poker, Protect, Python, Quantum,, Rhapsody, Sleuth, Sonic, Spin, Stud, Stuff, Stupendous, Surgery, Sushi, Taxes, Trinket, Vomit, Wait, Warp, Waste, Wayforward, Wigwam, Wizard, Xylophone, Zoology.

Type one of the following words in a chat room:
Amplitude, Antiquing, Baklava, Blatherskite, Bombardment, Bombastic, Cabbage, Cantankerous, Comatose, Doddering, Dressage, Emu, Epoch, Equinox, Fiddlesticks, Fisticuffs, Fortuitous,, Genie, Goldilocks, Gorgon, Isthmus, Jab, Larval, Magenta, Oxymoron, Planetarium,, Skullduggery, Stenographer, Stingray, Undulate, Vegan, Wisenheimer.

Type one of the following words in a chat room:
Address, Airhead, Backpack, Bald, Band, Bandage, Baseball, Billion, Black, Bloody, Blue, Book, Bounce, Boy, Break, Breakfast, Broken, Brother, Building, Bunk, Cafeteria, Cake, Camp, Candy, Cash, Cat, Cell, Chat, Cheap, Cheerleader, Cheese, Chest, Chunky, Class, Coin, Cold, Cookies, Cool, Cry, Cute, Dad, Dance, Decorate, Detention, Digital, Dinner, Dog, Dollar, Dough, Dough, Eat, Empty, English, Failed, Fat, Film, Filthy, Fire, Flag, Football, Found, Frankly, Freak, Friendly, Galaxy, Game,, Garlic, Geek, Girl, Grade, Greasy, Green, Grounded, Gym, Hair, Happy, Hat, Hate, Highlights, Historical, History, Homeroom, Homework, Hot, Hotdog, Huge, Hungry, Ice, Image, Introduce, Invent, Jacket, Job, Juicy, Ketchup, Kitty, Lab, Lame, Laugh, Liberty, Locker, Lol, Loot, Lost, Love, Lover, Lunch, Mask, Math, Meeting, Military, Mittens, Mom, Money, Monkey, Mug, Nasty, Neat, Nervous, Number, Old, Pants, Paper, Pencil, Phat, Phone, Pie, Pizza, Please, Poor, Pop, Popcorn, Portrait, Professor, Puppy, Purse, Rain, Recess, Red, Relish,, Riches, Sad, Scarf, Science, Score, Shirt, Shot, Simple, Sister, Skate, Skinny, Sleepy, Snack, Snow, Soccer, Star, Stocks, Summer, Sunny, Supper, Teacher, Thanks, Thin, Tiger, Tight, Tipsy, Tired, Treasure, Trendy, Trouble, Ttyl, Universe, Upset, Video, Wallet, Wannabe, Water, White, Winter, Wireless, World, Yellow, Young.

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Acne, Afternoon, Allergy, Alligator, Amazing, Answer, Argument, Asparagus, Attack, Average, Baboon, Bar, Basket, Beauty, Beverage, Bikini, Bloom, Blouse, Boil, Botanical, Bounce, Brat, Break, Brilliant, Buff, Busy, Castaway, Chance, Cheat, Chocolate, Clone, Code, Collection, Communicate, Conform, Consequence, Contract, Contribute, Corporation, Country, Creature, Criminal, Crossbow, Cruise, Crustacean, Delicious, Detention, Directions, Disaster, Discover, Dragon, Drama, Drive, Dubious, Eclipse, Ecology, Eggplant, Email, Engagement, Envelope, Evaluate, Excitement, Explore, Faith, Famous, Fat, Fatal, Finish, Flake, Foreign, Forget,, Geek, Gift, Giggle, Giver, Goblin, Gothic, Grenade, Grotesque, Gullible, Gum, Handle, Heartfelt, Herd, Hiccup, Hidden, High, Hook, Hug, Huge, Hummingbird, Hunk, Infatuated, Inspection, Insurance, Jail, Judge, Kangaroo, Kissed, Lavender, Leader, Lick, Like, Liver, Loaf, Loose, Lover, Magazine, Makeup, Massage, Master, Maximum, Medication, Mediocre, Message, Mister, Molasses, Mysterious, Natural, Ninja, Northern, Notes, Obsessed, Oily, Opera, Outgoing, Oy, Pantyhose, Parents, Peanut, Personal, Persuade, Pie, Pigeon, Pillowcase, Pilot, Pimple, Pineapple, Pirate, Pixie, Pomegranate, Ponder, Potter, Pray, Precious, Predator, President, Princess, Promise, Property, Pumpkin, Queen, Radical, Rash, Religion, Request, Restrain, Restroom,, Romantic, Saliva, Sasquatch, Satisfaction, Selfish, Seven, Sharp, Shoot, Shot, Sidekick, Simple, Single, Skinny, Skirt, Soap, Soothsayer, Spider, Spirit, Spit, Squid, States, Sticky, Sugar, Swing, Tasty, Tease, Tech, Thesaurus, Thin, Thing, Ticklish, Timing, Toilet, Toothpaste, Tradition, Trampoline, Tranquil, Trek, Trunk, Turnover, Turtle, United, Universe, Uranium, Vampire, Vegetarian, Velvet, Void, Vote, Wee, Weep, Weight, Western, Whale, Whirlwind, Wisdom, Yeti, Zipper, Zone.

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