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Jump Superstars
Alt. name(s): Jump Super Stars

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Jump Superstars
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How to unlock Komas:
The following are Komas that can be unlocked from doing something other than beating J-Adventure mode missions. The easiest way to get the "Battle <number> times" Komas is to repeatedly fail the "get hit once and you lose" missions in J-Adventure mode: Goten Help Koma: Battle 200 times. Bobobo Battle Koma: Battle 350 times. Naruto Battle Koma: Battle 400 times. Don Pachi Battle Koma: Battle 450 times. Sasuke Battle Koma: Battle 500 times. Ichigo Help Koma: Get 450 Koma. Ichigo Battle Koma: Get 540 Koma. Vegito Battle Koma: Get all Koma.

How to get alternate ink color:
Press L or R during the introduction to change the color of the ink you use to scribble on the bottom screen (with the Jump Pirate face). The initial color is white, and the others are black, pink, blue, cyan, green, yellow/orangish, red, and gray.
How to get alternate training mode blocks: Hold Up or Down while starting training mode through the deck maker to change it to a knowledge character or Left or Right to change it to a laughter character.
How to resist harmful items: When you break open a crate, barrel, or any other object that makes items pop up, immediately hold Guard. All harmful items, such as the weight or poison, will land on you and disappear without any effect. This also works on helpful items. It works on everything except for bombs.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and Adam P

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