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Crash Tag Team Racing
Alt. name(s): CTT Racing

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How to unlock the second tier kart weapons:
Spend 500 coins at Midway to buy the second tier kart weapons.
How to unlock the third tier kart weapons: Spend one Power Crystal at Midway to buy the third tier kart weapons.

Crunch Bandicoot: Give Crunch Bandicoot 2,500 Coins at Midway.
N. Gin: Give N. Gin the Green Plutonium at Midway.
Nina Cortex: Giver Nina Cortex the keys at Midway.
Pasadena Opossum: Give Pasadena Opossum one Power Crystal at Midway.
Von Clutch: Give Von Clutch one Power Crystal at Midway.

How to unlock the Baby Crash costume:
Collect all the Die-O-Ramas.
How to unlock Crash's Evil Crash costume: On Mystery Island, look behind Cortex to find an owl-shaped lamp. Use the body-slam switch to raise the lamp, then enter the revealed cave and run to the right. Talk to the Drone at the top of the small island and buy the costume for 2,000 Coins.
How to unlock Crash's Skeleton costume: Talk to the Astro Land worker near the stunt arena and buy the costume for 4,000 Coins.

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