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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Also known as: Narnia Koku Monogatari: Lion to Majo (Japan)

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During play, press one of the Button Combos below to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Button Combo
Get more money .... Up, X, Up, X, Down, B, Down, B.
Health restore .... Left, Right, Up, Down, A, A, A, A.
Get stronger attacks .... A, Up, B, Down, X, X, Y, Y.
Get all Blessings .... Left, Up, A, B, Right, Down, X, Y.
Get all skills max .... A, Left, Right, B, Down, Up, X, X.
Get max attributes .... Left, B, Up, Y, Down, X, Right, A.
Get all costumes .... A, X, Y, B, Up, Up, Up, Down.

How to restore your health:
When you meet the Druid and do a quest for her, she will teach Lucy Healing Waters. When Lucy is selected, go to the Pan Pipes screen and draw a V on the Coridal Touchscreen. Everyone that is with you will recover 10 HP.
How to get help during fights: Once you meet the Dwarf and do one of his quests, he will teach Lucy Dwarf Digger. When Lucy is selected, go to the Pan Pipes screen and play (1-2-3). A Red Dwarf will appear and help you fight for fifteen seconds.

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