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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Also known as: Akumajou Dracula: Sougetsu no Juujika

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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
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Game completion bonus one:
Successfully complete the game with the best ending to unlock the Boss Rush mode, Sound Test mode, and New Game+ options.
Game completion bonus two: Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting as Soma to get the Hell Flame Soul move.
Game completion bonus three: Successfully complete the game with any ending to unlock Julius mode.
How to unlock the Rare Ring: Have the Game Boy Advance game Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow in the cartridge slot and start a new game to have the Rare Ring in your inventory.
How to unlock the Mina Doll: Have the Game Boy Advance game Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow in the cartridge slot. You will see a Mina doll in the background of Yoko's shop waving her arms.
How to unlock the Alucard In Boss Rush mode: Successfully complete the game as Soma with a 100% completion and complete Julius mode. Then, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A at the Konami logo. Remain idle until the Konami logo appears again, then press Up, Down, then hold Up until the sound of a door opening is heard. Select Boss Rush mode to play as Alucard with his Alucard Set.
How to unlock the Alucard in Julius Mode: To get Alucard as a playable character, enter the Demon Guest House from the lower right enteric. When you enter, Alucard will have a conversation with Julius and he will join your team. Alucard has his Alucard Sword and the High Jump Boots. He can also turn into a bat. He can use his Hellfire ability to attack from afar.
How to unlock the Potion: Successfully complete Boss Rush mode.
How to unlock the Terror Bear: Finish Boss Rush mode in less than eight minutes to get the "Terror Bear" weapon.
How to unlock the Nunchakus: Finish Boss Rush mode in less than seven minutes to get the "Nunchakus" weapon.
How to unlock the Death Robe: Finish Boss Rush mode in less than six minutes to get the "Death Robe". It a powerful armor, but Dracula's Tunic is better.
How to unlock the Rocket Launcher (RPG): Finish Boss Rush mode in less than five minutes to get the Rocket Launcher "RPG".
How to unlock the Chaos Ring: Get 100% of the Souls to get the Chaos Ring, in the abyss.

How to get the worst ending: Defeat Dario Bossi during the second battle.
How to get the bad ending: Use the Paranoia Soul to enter the mirror during the second battle with Dario Bossi. Defeat Aguni, then return to the other side of the mirror and get the Magic Seal. Then, go to the center of the castle and enter the Boss door without Mina's Talisman.
How to get the best ending: Use the Paranoia Soul to fight Aguni. Collect the Magic Seal then return to the center of the castle. Have Mina's Talisman equipped when you enter the Boss door, then complete the game.

How to get easy Soul Eater Ring and money
: Get the Mimic soul and go to the Clock Tower. There is a save room with a spike pit next to it at the bottom right corner of the Clock Tower. The Mimic soul will usually give you 500 gold each time you are hit by the spikes. Whenever you get low on health, go to the save room, heal, and repeat.
How to get easy experience: Equip yourself in the A set with Dracula's Tunic or Demon Mail, Gungner the Last Spear (recommended due to its reach and does not lose important souls) or Valhmanway Sword, and the Shaman Ring. In the Soul part, equip the Imp soul in Bullet, the Black Panther in Guardian, and the Mothman in Enchant. In set B, have all the same except for the Chaos ring, the Succubus bullet soul. Go to the large falling trail near Lost Village (in front of Yoko's shop there is an entrance where you blow up the ceiling in the fountain). Then, go to the end. Go right there and you will see an Iron Golem. With set A, use the Imp Soul and the weapon you selected to kill him faster. When you run low on magic, change to set B with X and replenish fast with the Chaos Ring. If you run low in health, use the Succubus Soul to get life from the ghosts on the right and replenish. Go from right to left (from the ghosts' side) with the Phanter soul to go faster. Kill the Iron Golem to get 3,500 experience points each time.
How to get easier Boss Rush mode: Activate the Devil Soul and use the Valmanway Sword. You will take down all the Bosses in less than five minutes.
How to defeat Dmitri: If you have a Witch Soul, let Dmitri copy it. The projectile attack from this soul is fairly easy to avoid and will make this fight a lot easier.
How to defeat the Iron Golem: Use the Imp soul. It switches HP damage to MP damage.
How to attack faster: If you have a heavy weapon like a great sword, slow attacks can be a problem. To hit the enemy twice quickly, stand very close to them and attack. Then just as it connects, press L to dash backwards. As soon as it stops, you can attack again; and if you are still close enough it should hit. This is quicker than just attacking twice normally.

The Leave level boundary game glitch:
This trick requires the Succubus Soul and the Cutall weapon. Go to the last save location in the Abyss and do the special attack on the very end of the wall, not near the door Keep doing the special move until you fall out of the level. You can get back to the save room. If you have a 100% map completion, you will uncover about 56% more if you manage to get back in the save room. Note: If this is done, you will make the final Boss impossible to defeat. After you defeat him, he will just respawn

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