Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu

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1.Catch a Bug in a Bottle. 2.Release it and a few Bugs will come out of the Bottle. 3. Catch as many as you can and repeat until all four Bottles have Bugs in them. 4. Go to Kakariko Village or the Market and go to the person who wants something "with C". 5. Give (use the Bottle) the person all of the Bugs except one. Each Bug earns Link 50 Rupees. 6. Repeat the entire process again to refill the other Bottles with Bugs and sell them to get more Rupees.

Getting more than 100 Gold Skulltula Tokens provides no benefit. Also, players must not have gotten the Token from the Gold Skulltula near the spot where Talon was sleeping (Hyrule Castle).

1.After learning the Song of Storms, return to Hyrule Castle as a kid. Avoid the guards and return to the spot where Talon was asleep.
2.Facing the fence, follow it right to the corner to find a single tree and play the Song of Storms to reveal a hole in the ground.

3.Go down the hole and Bomb the stone walls until Link finds a Gold Skulltula.
4.Stand near the warp in the middle of the room and defeat the Gold Skulltula to make the Token appear.
5.Use the Boomerang to grab the Token, but before getting the Token enter the warp to return to the surface.
6.If Link reappears before getting the entire message about collecting the Token, then the trick worked.
7.Repeat the process to collect additional Tokens.

As an adult, after receiving the Biggoron sword, return to the Lone Skull Kid in Lost Woods. Destroy him with the sword to reveal a large rupee worth 500 rupees. Players may re-enter the room as many times as they like to get more giant rupees.

At the bass fishing pond you can run around the reeds or in shallow water and find a fishing lure.
It helps you catch some really weighty fish, but if you catch the biggest fish the man will say that he found that you used a lure so you don't get the heart.

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