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Successfully complete the Road to Wrestlemania mode with Stone Cold Steve Austin.
This will unlock his special Smokin' Skull belt in WWF 2000's Create-A-Belt mode.

D-generation-X Place X-pac and Hunter Helmsley with the DX music and video to make them appear together as a tag team.

Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown Place Mark Henry with the D'Lo Brown music and video to make them appear together as a tag team.

The Brood Place Edge and Christian with The Brood music and video.

The Corporate Ministry Place Vince, Shane, or The Undertaker with The Corporate Ministry music and video.

New Age Outlaws You can have Billy Gunn come out with the Road Dogg by changing the into video to the Road Dogg's.

The Union Place Show, Mankind, Ken Shamrock, or Test with the Union music and no video to make them appear together in a tag match.

Exit the ring and run over to the crowd.
Press the C-Up button to grab a weapon.
Some wrestlers have signature weapons like:
Bossman's nightstick
Al Snow's Head..
So try experimenting with different wrestlers to get a different weapon.

Submitted by: Alain Jesmond


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