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Easy Healing:
If you have taken damage just jump in some water that you can be submerged in and rise to the surface then you will have your energy filled up.
Extra Coins: Whenever there is a post in a level, if you run around it 5 times and some coins will pop out. These are good if you need more health or need to collect 100 coins.
Fat penguin race: After getting 120 stars, go to race the penguin in the 3rd world (The snow one) and he'll be fat, harder to beat, and have a new message for you.
Koopa Shell locations: Course 1: After defeating Koopa the Quick, return to the course to find Koopa in the Bomb-Omb field near the bridge. Punch him, then hop on his shell quickly. Run over him to get a blue coin.
Course 3: Jump into the water at the start of the course. Near the circle of gold coins, there is an oyster. Inside is a Koopa Shell.
Course 8: In the start of the level, walk to the edge of the two-story tiered platform. Perform a backflip to reach the second story. Bust the Orange Switchbox to reveal a Koopa Shell. Mario can ride this green skateboard over soft, sinking sand.
Course 9: Go to Submarine Bay. At the far end of the bay, there is an Oyster containing a Koopa Shell.
Course 10: In the pond with the two Spinning Flower Guys, jump on the first one's head to launch you spinning over the wooden wall. You will then find a Koopa Shell in the right Orange Switchbox. Use it to capture Star 5.
Hidden Letter 'F': Go into the lobby of the ''Cool Cool Mountain'' world, with the three paintings. Stand in front of the middle painting (the one that you would normally jump through) and put Mario's back flat against it. Press Up-C until you get into the ''look'' mode. Slowly move the control stick to the right. You will see a giant 'F' left in by the programmers.
Bonus Final Message: Gain all 120 stars, then go back and face Bowser. You'll see a new message.
Control camera during credits: To control the camera during the end credits, simply beat the last Bowser with a controller pugged into port #2. During the credits use the controller in port #2 to control the camera.
Yoshi: Once you have gathered 120 stars, jump into the now open cannon outside the castle. Shoot onto the roof and talk to Yoshi. He will give you 100 lives and an improved triple jump.
The cap cheat: Enter Course 10: Snowman's Land:
Lose your cap by allowing yourself to be blown off the top of the Giant Snowman Mountain.
Now that you are 'Capless', you can warp between the two trees near the frozen pond. Each time you warp, a new cap will appear on top of the first one. If you collect the cap after doing this, you'll see another cap on the ground. Collect the second cap and Mario will hold onto the cap until he exits the level.
Star locations: Level 1-1: Go to the top of the mountain and kill the big Bob-Omb with B to throw him.
Level 1-2: Talk to the Koopa near where you start and race him up the mountain.
Level 1-3: Talk to the red Bob-Omb and go to the cannon on the blue rock hill. Aim at the point on the red thing and shoot all the way up. Hit the yellow switch.
Level 1-4: Coin 1: Below chain chomp. Coin 2: By the cannon. Coin 3: On Chain chomp.
Coin 4 and 5: From a top view the world, it would be on the top left. Coin 6: Below the mountain. Coin 7: Up the hill after Coin 6. Coin 8: On the island in the sky on top of the tree.
Level 1-6: Press Down + Z on top of Coin 3.
Level 2-6: Go to the cannon and shoot at the wall corner.
Level 4-5: Talk to the snow ball and control it until it goes to the head.
Level 4-6: Jump on the spinner and spin under the mountain.
Last Coin: Where you start, go to the broken bridge and walk off of it.
Beating the Bob-omb King: When he is slowly coming after you, crouch down then wait for him. As soon as his shadow touches your shadow, do a backflip. You will land behind him, and it will take him awhile to turn around. You now have plenty of time to walk up, grab him, and throw him.
Shortcut in final Bowser level: Climb up the "Lego" platform, to reach to a part that levels out just a bit. Get as close as possible to the part that continues to climb, then turn around and perform a long jump in the opposite direction. Mario will land on the chequered platform right before the moving platform with the arrow on it. Using this will allow you to avoid the time and the danger of the flameblowers along the way of the "Lego" path.
Spiral stairs shortcut: Walk into the castle, walk up the stairs to the door with the key hole, then go inside. You will see a column to the left, just before the staircase starts to spiral. Walk along the wall to your left until reaching the corner where the wall and the column meet. Perform a double jump while still moving in that direction. This should allow Mario to jump through the ceiling and bring him right to the top of the stairs. Although this is not a very large shortcut, it will save a few seconds and some dizziness.
Easy health refill: When Mario's energy is low, find water, swim underwater, then get some air. Another technique is to keep collecting coins.
Extra lives from butterflies: Butterflies may appear on courses 2, 12, and 13. Punch the butterflies to turn them into round black bombs that will chase Mario. The bombs will explode or turn into extra life mushrooms.
Hidden extra life mushroom: After emptying the moat in front of the castle, use the ramp to walk down into it. Go under the bridge and press C-Up to look up to see two yellow coins. Perform a wall kick to get both the coins. Once you get both coins, an extra life mushroom will drop from above. This trick takes practice, and you may want to do a double jump and then a wall kick, as the coins are very high.

Go to the 3rd Bowser and if you die, there is a life behind a pipe.
This makes it nearly impossible to get game over.

When you virse Koopa the quick in a race say Yes. Next to him there is a tree. Climb it and flip above you onto a ledge. When your climbing the mountain, after a few corners there is a big hole in the wall. It's a warp. Use it and you'll be near the top.

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