Star Wars Episode I: Battle for Naboo
Star Wars Ep One: Battle for Naboo

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Enter one of the Passwords below, as a code on the options menu, to enable the Effect you require. You will hear a sound to confirm.
Please note: Be sure to read the cheat notes about some of the cheats marked with a '*'.

Effect .... Password
All regular levels .... TOOWEAK?
Advanced shields .... DROIDEKA
Advanced blasters .... ADEGAN
Rapid fire blasters .... OVERLOAD
Advanced bombs .... BOOM!?
Advanced missiles .... ?NUNAPWR
Homing cluster missiles .... &OVRKILL
Homing torpedoes and missiles .... CANTMISS
Double secondary weapons .... LCK&LOAD
Unlimited lives* .... PATHETIC
One hit kills* .... EWERDEAD
Bonus level 1 .... BYENABOO
Bonus level 2 .... LEC&FIVE
Bonus level 3 .... BADTEMPR
Expert mode .... NASTYMDE
All ships* .... WAKAWAH!
Swamp Speeder .... RHUBARB!
AAT* .... &&A!AT
Sith Infiltrator* .... SIENAR&!
Pink spaceship .... RUAGIRL?
Car* .... EOCOAROS
View development team .... LOVEHUTT
Developer commentary* .... TALKTOME
View credits .... MEMEME!
Unlock showroom art* .... KOOLSTUF
Concert hall .... WAKEUP
Crazy camera* .... DRJEKYLL

Cheat Notes:
*Unlimited lives:
The game still counts how many times you died.
*One hit kills: This affects both the player and enemies. Note: Do not play a level were you have to protect something when this code is activated. Only use the code on levels 6, 7, 11, 15, as well as bonus levels 1, 2, and 3.
*All ships: This does not give you the bonus craft. This code has the same effect as you would get if you completed level 15 (Battle For Naboo).
*AAT: The AAT is the Trade Federation battle droid tank. The AAT is fairly slow and shoots two lasers simultaneously a medium-slow rate. Its secondary weapon are projectile bombs.
*Sith Infiltrator: You can use the Sith Infiltrator in levels where you can use the Naboo Starfighter. To get Homing Missiles for the Sith Infiltrator, enter CANTMISS as a code after it is unlocked. Play a level and ignore when the game states that you only have Advanced Missiles. Note: If you used the SIENAR&! code to get the Sith Infiltrator, you will have to repeat this after you restart your system.
*Car: The Gian Speeder will be replaced by a 1969 Buick convertible.
*Developer commentary: Developer commentary, lasting about three minutes, can be heard in each level.
*Unlock showroom art: The music is not unlocked with this code.
*Crazy camera:
This may cause the game to freeze.

Federation Secrets secret level:
Successfully complete the standard levels with all bronze medals.
Coruscant Encounter secret level: Successfully complete the standard levels with all silver medals.
Dark Side secret level: Successfully complete the standard levels with all gold medals.
Advanced shields: In level 1 when your friend's seedster has stopped, there should be an ATT shooting at him. Destroy the ATT and the power up is behind it.
Advanced blasters: This can be unlocked in the "Liberation Of Camp 4" level. At the last shield generator, face towards the down-slope and there will be another up slope leading towards the upgrade.
Rapid fire blasters: This can be unlocked near the end of "Sancuatary" level. There is a small valley to the right of the main valley. Inside is a volcano and a strange "fairy" object. The upgrade is behind it.
Advanced bombs: This can be unlocked in the "Glacial Grave" level, on the opposite branch of the river that leads to the gunboat hanger.
Advanced missiles: This can be unlocked at the beginning of the "The Smugglers Alliance" level. Help the civilians, even though the captain tells you not to. A speeder will come out of a homestead. Protect it and it will lead you to a farm with the upgrade.
Homing torpedoes and missiles: This can be unlocked in the "Borvo the Hutt" level. Go northwest of the first battle to find a village among the trees and the upgrade.
Swamp Speeder: Get platinum medals for all missions. The Swamp Speeder is a fast Republican ship and looks like a flash speeder in boat version. It moves very fast and it can shoot two lasers simultaneously at an extremely fast rate. Its secondary weapon is a heavy laser, just like the Gian Speeder. The Swamp Speeder is available on Naboo Bayou, The Andrever River, and Sanctuary levels.
Sith Infiltrator: You can play as the Sith Infiltrator once you access the third secret level, "The Dark Side". You can use the Sith Infiltrator in levels where you can use the Naboo Starfighter.

Droid driver:
Enable the EOCOAROS code, then play a level with the Gian Speeder. A Battle Droid will actually be piloting your speeder.
Homing Missiles for Flash Speeder: Enable the WAKAWAH!, RHUBARB!, &&A!AT, SIENAR&!, all upgrade codes, LCK&LOAD, and EOCOAROS codes. Your Flash Speeder should now have seeker missiles. Note: The missiles may not always hit their target, and you will have to repeat this trick. It is important to follow that order and you need to enter all upgrade codes for it work.
Cluster Seeker missiles: In the second secret stage, turn right immediately after starting to find a brown striped building. Enter the hole in front of it and turn left immediately before the path turns to the right. You will see it to your left.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, AJ, D-Star and GolferAce


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