Quest 64
Also known as: Holy Magic Century

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Infinite Life
This code will not work during battle! First press C-down to bring up the water spells. Then look at the spell on the left. If it's in dark letters press C-left it should give you a little more life,do this cycle over and over until your blue MP meter runs out or until your life is full. To refill your blue Mp meter run in circles until blue MP meter is full again, then start the cycle over again.

Hidden Spirit on Ferry
After you have beaten Nepty and have been transported back to Larapool, make your way back to the ferry that originally brought you there, get on the ferry and ride it three times. On the third trip, stay in the cabin and move up to the crates on the right. A "?" will appear over brian's head, signaling an invisible spirit element!

Defeat Mammon Easily
To beat Mammon easily you will need high MP and a lot of MP replenishing items. You also need to stay as far away from him as possible (but not out of range of your magic attacks.) Now blast him with FIRE 3 and AVALANCHE until he's dead. He usually uses three spells, a spell like homing arrows which is hard to dodge, a spell that is like magma ball which is easy to dodge, and a spell that is like wind bomb which is easy to dodge. Just keep using FIRE 3 and AVALANCHE and dodge his attacks. He will die in a few minutes. He has around 2,100 Hp.

Easy Experience
When you get to Dondoran, Get the free Fresh Bread and the free Golden Wings. Go outside Dondoran and fight every monster you can find. Fight until you have used your Fresh Bread and you are at 1-10 HP left. Then use your Golden Wings. Repeat over and over again until you have about 70-80 HP then go into the forest and kick some.

Hidden Library Room
After you've gotten to the "Isle Of Skye" and beaten Nepty, use the yellow wings and enter the castle. Now, go to the library and push against the left corners of the bookcases. One will open up.

Increase your Health Points
When in a battle, use the staff attack as much as possible. It can be quite powerful, and increases your health points and replenishes mana.

Item Collection Tip
A good way to get a collection of items is to first go to a place such as a house or mess hall where you can get items by talking to people. Then, go to the chests that contain the same item as the one you collected, and get the item out of that chest. This works because people will not give you items that you already have in your inventory.

Kill Mammon without any Potions
To kill mammon without any potions you need magic barrier and drain magic (one a high water spell one a high earth spell) First you cast magic barrier then you cast two damage dealing spells then you cast magic barrier again. Continue doing this until you get down to about 20 magic, then cast magic barrier and cast Drain Magic. If it misses, try again. If it misses again, cast Magic Barrier then try casting Drain Magic again. Repeate until you've restored your magic. Repeat until Mammon is dead. If you want to beat him without taking any damage do magic barrier every other time and cast drain magic at 25 magic.

Secret Castle
To get to Shamwood, the secret castle that does NOT appear on your map, play through the game until you get to the desert section. Now explore the SOUTH-EAST part of the wide open desert with no walls until you see a gem floating in the air. Touch it and you will teleported to Shamwood, full of treasures, spirits, and clues.

Secret Throne Rooms
Once you've defeated the Robber in the forest, go back to Dondoran. The people tell you different things. When you go back to the king he'll open a secret throne room behind the throne with lots of goodies inside. Another secret room is located behind the throne in Limein.

Water Power
In the beginning of the game, pump up your WATER spells as high as possible. This will get you more life and the much-needed healing spell.

Full power at hotels
To get full power without using items, go to a hotel and say you will stay the night. Then, when at the saving screen, hit B to escape. You will now have full health.

Easy Way to Kill Man Eaters
Having trouble beating the man eaters on Quest 64? Here's an easy way to beat them. Get as close as you can to a man eater and make sure it's their turn. The man eater will throw the rock over you and you can still peg him with your septor to inflict a lot of damage.

Super attack
Get within striking distance of the staff during combat. Select any spell, then press A. This will result in an attack with both the staff and magic spell in a single turn.

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