Madden NFL 2001

Final Madden Card:
Buy all Gold, Silver, And bronze Madden Cards in each set of fourteen. After all 296 cards have been obtained, a 297th card (number 000) with the All-Time Madden team will be unlocked. You can use the Madden Cards to put players on rosters, cheats within the game, use legendary players, and unlock old teams, stadiums, or legendary teams.
Unlimited Madden Card use: Unlock a Madden Card and save your profile before adding the card to the game that is currently loaded. Then, select the "Add Player To Roster" option, and reset the Nintendo 64. Load your saved profile and the card will still be available.
Always receive: Press Start at the coin toss screen before anything appears when playing against the CPU.
Easy Madden Cards: Note: This trick requires a controller pak to save your user profile. Go to "Custom Options" and highlight "Load". Load the user profile until there are four of the same profile. Go to Madden Cards and trade a Bronze Card for three Gold Cards. Repeat, then save your user profile and reset he game. Keep repeating this to get tokens to buy Madden Cards.
Easy Madden points: Choose your favorite and least favorite teams. Enter the rosters screen and select the "Edit Player" option. Make everyone on your favorite team a perfect 99 points for everything, then go to you least favorite team's roster and make everyone on their team the minimum 15 for everything. Save your roster changes. Repeatedly play in exhibition mode and do your best; run kickoffs and punts for touchdowns, let yourself get tackled, and run for 96 yards for a touchdown, etc. This can result in over 1000 points in a game.
Easier Juking in a kick off return: When receiving the ball on a kick off return, follow closely behind your lead blocker (the second recipient of the ball). Just as the secondary line of men make contact to block the rushers, press the L/Z or R to juke out your opponents. If timed correctly, this will throw all of the rushers out of synch, and allow your blockers to pick each one of them up. As you pass this line of rushers, there will be a few solo ones in the backfield. Just juke them out and you should have a touchdown return.
Bust through line: When you are running the ball, frequently press A and your player will charge through and at least try to get through the hole.
First down: Select special teams, and choose "Fake punt". The CPU will call an audible, and either L or R will be open for a pass for the first down.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and GP


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