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Create a new driver and give him one of the names below to enable the effect you require.

Effect .... Name
Flight Mode .... FLYSKYHGH.
No Wheels Mode .... NWHLS.
No chassis or bricks .... NCHSSS.
Turbo Mode .... FSTFRWRD.
No driver .... NDRVR
Maintain speed off track .... NSLWJ
Reversed Rocket Racer Run track .... LNFRRRM
Shooter attacking power-ups only .... PGLLRD
Mine power-ups only .... PGLLYLL
Turbo power-ups only .... PGLLGRN
Grapple power-ups only .... RPCRNLY
Power-ups always at maximum .... MXPMX
Disable all cheats .... NMRCHTS.

Submitted by: TV2Die4


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