Harvest Moon 64
Also known as: Bokujou Monogatari 2 (Japan)

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Use the steps below to get various recipes.
Note: You must have a kitchen to get recipes.

Bread Pudding: Give either eggs or milk to Elli in the Bakery.
Cinnamon Milk Tea: Give Elli's father milk from your cows.
If this does not get him to hand over the recipe, also give him a few eggs.
Corn Fritter: Give corn to Ann's father.
Corn Pasta: Give corn to Popuri's Father.
Cream of Turnip Stew: Give a turnip to Maria's mother.
Easy Tomato Soup: Go to the bar and find the man who picks up your shipments of crops and animal items out of your box or bin. Give him a tomato.
Note: He is not always in the bar, so this may require a few attempts.
Eggplant With Miso Paste Give an eggplant to the midwife.
Fried Char or Fried Potatos and Bacon: Give a potato to the mayor.
Garlic Beef Potato: Give a potato to the mailman.
Grilled Trout with Cheese: Give a fish to the carpenter near the river.
Hot Spicy Wine: Find the big and orange fruit in the forest and give it to the owner of the bar.
Mashed Potato: Give a potato to Ann.
Miso Soup with Sprouts: Give an edible herb to the potion shop owner.
Mushroom Salsa: Give mushrooms to the Harvest elves frequently.
Eventually they will reward you with the recipe.
Pickled Turnip and Cabbage: At the top of the mountain, locate the old folks living in the old house.
Give a turnip to the old man living there.
Rolled Cabbage: Give a cabbage to Maria.
Simple Tomato Soup: Give the town priest several tomatoes.
Steamed Clams with Wine: Become good friends with Karen's dad. In the fall, collect as many red berries as possible and try to give him a berry each day.
After a while he will reveal the recipe.
Strawberry Champagne: Give a strawberry to Karen.
Strawberry Wine: Grow a strawberry in your greenhouse. Once it has matured, pick it, and deliver it to Karen.
Strawberry Jam: Give Popuri a strawberry.
Twice cooked tomatoes and Greens: Give a tomato to Popuri's mother.
Veryberry Wine: Give Kai, the worker at the vineyard, a fruit or berry.
Walnut Cake: Give Elli's grandma a walnut.
Mushroom Rice: Give the master carpenter (the man who leads the other carpenters, dressed mostly in white) a mushroom.
Tomato Rice: Give a tomato to Karen's Mom
Sesame Dandelion Greens: Give a medicinal herb to the Saibara, the craftshop/ceramic shop owner.
Stuffed Omelet: Give an egg to Gray (Ann's surly brother).
Herb Rice Cake: Give edible grass to the old lady, who lives in the restaurant at the top of the mountain.
Spa-Poached Eggs: Give eggs to Kent, the older grandson of the Potion Shop owner, the one with the blond hair.
He can be often found outside the bakery, or in church on weekdays.
Strawberry Dog: Give a strawberry to Stu, the younger grandson of the Potion Shop owner, the one with the black hair.
He can often be found outside the bakery, or in church on weekdays.
Char Stuffed with Mushrooms: Give the carpenter's apprentice (the one who is -not- on the mountain, but hangs around the carpenter's house most often) a mushroom.
Potato Pancakes: Give a potato to May, the midwife's young daughter, who can be found most often walking outside the midwife's hut.
Milk Recipe: Give milk from your cows to Rick, the tool man.

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